Sleep in Style

Sleep in Style

Sleep, some of us have a weird relationship with it. Others are fortunate enough to nod off easily as soon as they hit the pillow or any other surface they come in contact with, an airplane seat, a desk etc. I used to be jealous of those people as I typically tossed and turned the night before.

It took me a while to learn that sleep is a deeply personal experience, everyone has a sleeping style that is different from your own.

There are back sleepers, side sleepers or stomach sleepers and one pillow does not fit all. Side sleepers need a firm pillow to keep their body, head and neck aligned. Back sleepers need slightly less firm and stomach sleepers need a soft pillow. I did not have the right bedding conducive to my sleep needs until I got serious about what kind of sleeper I was. I was buying the bedding for the household and I would buy the warmest comforter and two of the same Firm pillows for my husband and me. That was great for my husband who sleeps on his side but for me I sleep on my stomach and was having trouble getting to sleep and when I did finally get to sleep I would wake up with neck pain. Let’s just say I was waking up on the wrong side of the bed more often than not. I started to experiment with different pillows and found that for stomach sleepers like me a soft down pillow that didn't elevate my neck too much off the mattress was the best, plus I could sink my face into soft inviting down and get a good night’s sleep. Next I turned my attention to the comforter it was way too warm for me. Most of the day I walk around feeling colder than most people in restaurants, offices, movie theaters I always have to have a sweater to put on indoors even at the height of summer. I thought this would make me a cold sleeper. It didn't.  Turns out I turn into a furnace at night and I am not talking about hot flashes. The comforter was way too warm for me and I would wake up in the middle of the night constantly kicking it off and putting it back on, only to kick it off again. I eventually grew tired of this and finally created the all season down comforter. I tweaked and tweaked until I put in just the right amount of down for warm sleepers like me and was finally able to enjoy a full night’s sleep! Then I went ahead and had a baby, game over.

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