The Inaugural Post

The Inaugural Post

As active sleepers, we at DownLinens like to think of ourselves as a connoisseur of sleep.  Most people concern themselves with the activities of the day, but give little thought to the major pursuit of the night-namely sleep. We hope to right that oversight and through the course of our posts help the world understand why its important to value a good nights sleep- because surprisingly it is more than sheer laziness.

To us, one of the best feelings in the world is crawling into a soft bed piled high with plush down pillows, wrapping oneself in a large comforter, and drifting off to sleep as the down warms you against those cool East Coast winter nights (or heavily air-conditioned winter night for you West Coasters).

The idea of waking up horrifies us. The second we crawl out of our down fortress we cringe as our feet hit the hardwood floor and the cool air greets our scary morning face. But life goes on and unfortunately, like every working or school going adult, we must begin our day and tackle our responsibilities.

And as if it’s not bad enough to be at work or school, being over-tired and grouchy doesn’t help. (It also spurs those “wow, you looks awful” thoughts that you know are running through your coworkers  or classmates' heads as you try and fix your unruly hair) A sure way to avoid that is to make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. The truth is, we can't stay young and continuously active forever. Our advice: keep following our official DownLinens blog "Pillow Talk", and keep in touch with our websites updates on new ways to get comfortable. Check out, and be proactive about the most important form of inactivity- sleep!"

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