What Sets Us Apart

RDS Certified

The Responsible Down Standard is a third party certification standard that helps to ensure the humane, ethical treatment of waterfowl that produce down for the apparel and textile industry. It centers around traceability allowing producers and consumers to know where their down came from, gosling to end product. RDS certified products use down only from waterfowl grown for the food industry that are not force-fed or live-plucked. Learn more at



 bluesign® approved

A coveted mark only given to companies who achieve optimal environmental performance and regular audits in five key areas: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emissions, water emissions and occupational health and safety.  Designed to provide solutions concerning “Environment, Health and Safety” (EHS) on all levels through linking together suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and brands to jointly reduce the environmental footprint and to foster a healthy, responsible textile industry. For more information on bluesign®, visit




The down that goes into a DownLinens product undergoes rigorous cleaning and testing from a third party to ensure it’s free of chemicals and irritants. Testing measures turbidity, and while 400mm turbidity+ is considered hypoallergenic, our down consistently measures 1000mm turbidity+, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and allergen-free product.



DuraWash™ cleaned

The very best way to achieve the warmest, lightest, most durable down is to clean it properly. Our proprietary washing process involves multiple washes in biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergent and recycled water. From the washer, the down is thoroughly dried, cooled and de-dusted. Down passes through a metal detector and is shipped in bags and containers that prevent foreign elements like dirt and oil from compromising the quality.



Warmer than synthetics

Down provides more insulation per ounce than any other material, making it the optimal insulator. Every ounce of good down has about two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to form a protective layer of non-conducting still air that keeps warmth in and cold out. It has the ability to mold itself to the body while synthetics remain rigid. Down molds to the body and wicks away perspiration because it breathes naturally so the user doesn't experience clamminess, which often occurs with synthetics.



100% recyclable and natural

Down and feathers are a natural “green” product. Down is a biodegradable, sustainable, renewable and all-natural byproduct of the food industry that has naturally evolved from the beginning of time.

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