RENU:700 Recycled Down Organic Pillow - RDS Certified

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The RENU:700 Recycled Down Organic Pillow is made from 100% GRS certified organic cotton with 233 thread count. The fill inside is a lofty 700FP recycled down.

Grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, this luxurious, breathable GRS organic cotton shell is more sustainable than conventional cotton. After the textile spinning process, the fabric is never bleached, hence the natural cream color. ALLIED repurposes the down from old bedding, apparel, and sleeping bags - otherwise landfill-bound - by cleaning it in our DURAWASH process, this creates the highest performing recycled down on the market today.

Whether you have allergies, are environmentally conscious, or just prefer products where you can pronounce the fillers, we feel you and want to help you rest easier.


  • 100% post-consumer recycled down retains durability and loft just as well as virgin material under extended use
  • Recycled down tests over 1000mm turbidity making it among the cleanest in the market
  • 100% GRS certified organic cotton with 233 thread count
  • Machine washable at lower temperatures for easy care and reduced environmental impact
  • Easily remove the law tag booklet by carefully cutting it away from the throw
  • The product is compressed, so it a few hours to breath and bounce back to this full loft
  • The RDS is an industry wide standard that has the largest brands and global animal welfare groups as important contributing stakeholders and certifies that all birds come from farms that abide by the five freedoms of animal welfare throughout all aspects of their lives – including travel. The RDS also requires a level of traceability for those certified brands and is built upon the content claim standard. That ensures that any RDS labeled product has been audited and certified throughout the entire supply chain – from farms through manufacturing.



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RENU:700 Recycled Down Organic Pillow - RDS Certified

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